SUPER SESI – SCHENKER Science & Technology

Real-Time Analysis of Low-Volatile Metabolites in Breath

What is it?

  • SUPER SESI is an ionization source specifically optimized for breath analysis on high performance mass spectrometers
  • The person exhales through a disposable mouth piece, and the regulator passes a constant fraction of the flow to the ionization region
  • In the ionization region, a nano-Electrospray creates the primary ions, which transfer their charge to the metabolites of interest
  • Ionized metabolites are efficiently transferred to the mass 
    spectrometer for analysis
  • SUPER SESI is compatible with main instruments in the market, such as Thermo and Sciex
  • No fragmentation is produced. This is because SESI does not involve a high energy region.  Ultimately, this simplifies the spectra, thus improving the limits of detection


  • Plug and breath: SUPER SESI incorporates all the components and controls required to start a breath biomarker discovery campaign. It is ready to connect with the MS and start analyzing
  • Real time analysis: Breath is ionized and analyzed as it is exhaled. No sample preparation is required. This reduces the chances that a foreign confounding effect distorts the data
  • High sensitivity: From 5·10-4 Bar to 2.7·10-7 Bar, SUPER SESI has been carefully designed toefficiently ionize low volatility metabolites. More different species can be detected
  • Optimized for high biological significant metabolites: Large molecules have very low volatility. They are produced at very low concentrations, and tend to stick in the walls of the source. SUPER SESI operates at high temperature, integrates high technology silica coatings to reduce chemical interactions, and it is designed to minimize contact with the inner walls

How it Works

  • Vapors are preheated and mixed with a cloud of protonated water clusters produced by the nano-electrospray.
  • Vapors are ionized at high pressure to maximize ionization efficiency and ions are transferred to the MS.


SUPER SESI can be applied in the following researches

Disease markers inbreath samples discovered by SUPER SESI        

The choice of research institutes

SUPER SESI hasbeen used by numerous research institutes around the world, for example:

  • University Children’s Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
  • Universitäts- und Kinderspital beider Basel,Switzerland
  • Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori (INT), Milan, Italy
  • Etc…